Pokemon Go: High Spawning Rates and Item Drop Has A Time Limit

If you are the very few that are still playing the Pokemon Go app, you would have notice that Pokestops will drop more item now and that there are more Pokemon spawning near you now.

Niantics did not mention anything about this upgrade but since some people have started noticing the change, Niantics has come out to clarify that the high spawning rates will only last until the 11th of November to get out and catch them for they update it again.

All Pokestops will also drop at least 6 items now. TYhere is also bonuses for the first PokeStop visits and catch. Niantics have been trying to get people to go back to the app with new upgrades like this and some of them seem to be working. The last Halloween special upgrade did bring a lot of people back into the game but will Niantics be able to keep it up?

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