Pokemon Go Asia: Will It Be This Week?

Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting for a game that everybody else seems to be having. While a few other countries have already received the new Pokemon Go app, countries in Asia, South America, Africa and more are still waiting for Niantics to officially release the game in their country.

Waiting can be frustrating especially for countries that have been geo block because the APK are not going to work there and Niantics silence is not helping either. Some fans believe that some Asia countries like Malaysia might get the app this week after a what seems like a leak from their local Telco Maxis and Grab.

It was reported that the Telco organize a press conference to announce their “Grab ‘Em All Faster With Hotlink”. The fact that Maxis made the conference this week along with the leak that said that their offer will be offered on the 2nd of August, the fans believe that the app might be release this week.

If that is the case, it is highly possible that the other SEA countries will also be getting the app this week. Others think that Maxis is just promoting their product and that they too are as clueless as to when the app will be arriving.

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