Playstation 4 Won In January, Xbox One Not Too Upset

The numbers are out and it has been revealing that the PlayStation 4 dominated the month of January as well but that does not mean that Microsoft is doing badly as well.

While the PS4 obviously did better than the Xbox One, January wasn’t such a bad month for Xbox One either. Their sales are grown compared to last January and it has been reported that there is a 21% increase in time spent playing Xbox One games.

One of the reasons why Playstation 4 did so well in January was because they had more games to offer that month compared to Xbox One. We got to play Yakuza 0, Gravity Rush, Resident Evil 7 and more.

While the Resident Evil 7 was released on the other platforms as well, Sony’s version was the one that got more attention thanks to the VR support. We will be seeing even more PS4 game this month like The Band of the Hawk and Horizon Zero Dawn.

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