Play Store: LG Nexus 5 Fills Void Left By By Nexus 6

There is no arguing the fact that the latest Google Nexus 6 is truly an outstanding smartphone to own. The device offers a premium Android experience that is unmatched by any other Android smartphones.

This is why it was surprising when the Google Nexus 5 made its return to the Play Store. Many thought that the arrival of the Nexus 6 saw no further need of the Nexus 5 and this was evident when Google removed the old device from the Play Store.

Apparently, it is now understood that the Nexus 6 has been selling miserably which has forced Google to re-offer the Nexus 5 to cover up the loss of sales. The US tech giant has tried their best to promote the Nexus 6 but the fact that the device has a fat price tag has led to many consumers staying away from it.

Also, many market surveys revealed that most consumers that desire to own a Nexus smartphone have been looking for the Nexus 5 due to its cheap price tag and high-end specs. Then again, consumers better confirmed their purchase or the Nexus 5 fast as Google has announced that its availability on the Play Store is for a limited time only.

For those who are unaware, the Nexus 5 comes with a 4.95” full HD 1080p display that is powered by the Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM. It also features a 2300mAh battery and a decent 8MP rear camera. The Nexus 5 comes with fixed internal storage of 16GB and 32GB that are priced at $349 and $399 respectively.

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