Pilot Using iPad Crash Lands Plane

It was a cold dark night and one pilot, together with his wife, was caught in a life-threatening situation after the plane they are flying suddenly failed to work in mid-air. The couple were on their way from Wyoming to Wisconsin but were forced to land at Rapid City.

In detail, the pilot revealed that they suffered an engine failure and the electronics went haywire. The pilot than took out his iPad to act as his guide in navigating the plane to safety. Thankfully, the pilot was able to steer to Rapid City and land on the least active runaway at the local’s airport.

To the horror of air traffic control, the pilot wasn’t able to bring out the landing gear. As such, the plane landed on its belly before skidding to complete stop. Throughout the period, sparks were emitted right below the fuel tank but fortunately, the plane didn’t incinerate.

Many applauded the pilot for his wonderful skill in flying and nobody taught that an iPad can be really useful in emergencies. Of course, the pilot did no used Sid Meyer’s flying app but instead, only referred to the iPad for navigation.

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