[PICS] iPhone 7 Visualized With Realistic Specs!

It does not need confirmation to know that the Apple iPhone 7 is coming this September and it is going to replace the iPhone 6. Now, the device has finally been visualized by a popular concept artist, Dani Yako.

As how it is pictured here, the Apple iPhone 7 comes with subtle design changes from the existing iPhone 6. Dani claims that the display screen is made of sapphire glass, measures at 5.4” and runs on 2880x1880p resolution.

The rendered iPhone 7 is powered by the new 64-bit Apple A9 processor with 4GB of RAM. Like all the iPhones before this, the seventh-gen device is going to come with fixed internal storage space that ranges from 32GB to 128GB.

While the art work is unofficial, the specs do sound realistic. Of course, this is with the exception of the 4GB RAM, which is something unlikely for Apple to offer.

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