Overwatch: Year Of The Rooster Fans Feeling Far From Prosperous

To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, Blizzard started the Year of Rooster event for their fan. Throughout the event, fans were supposed to receive loot boxes that could be holding the new D.Va or Mei’s legendary skin.

Well, some fans have gone online to rant about how they think the quality item drop rate have been changed because they did not get any of those items even though they played the game day and night. Since Blizzard would benefit if fewer people get the skins for free as they will be forced to buy them if they really want to own them.

Overwatch’s Game Director heard about it and reveal that they did not mess with the drop rate during the event confirming that the drop rates are all the same. That means those players were just unlucky.

Hopefully, they get a better drop rate in the next event.

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