Overwatch On Nintendo Switch, Challenging Is Not A “No”

Nintendo Switch is living up to the hype and fans are now hoping that more games would be released on the Switch. One game that fans seem to want is Overwatch but will it happen.

The Game Director of Overwatch did say that he loved the Switch but when he was asked if Overwatch was ever going to be released on the Nintendo Switch, he replied saying that porting the game over to the Switch is going to be very challenging but he also added that they are always open to exploring new platform. That means it is not a “No” for now although that is still far from a confirmation as well.

Some people think that while the thought of having Overwatch on Switch is great, it won’t really work with the Switch since the Switch is all about being portable and playing games on the go. Games like Overwatch requires players to be connected to the internet and that can be a problem when you are on the go.

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