Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Put It At The Back Of Your Mind

We all got pretty excited when Overkill first announce that they were going to work on a new The Walking Dead game. After seeing what they can with PayDay 2, fans were excited to see what Overkill has to offer with the new Walking Dead game. Although the game was scheduled to be release this year, the developers announced that they had to push it back as they need more time with the game.

When the delay was announced, a lot of people assume that the game would probably arrive next year but with so little details about there, some people are beginning to suspect that 2017 might not even be the year that Overkill’s The Walking Dead will be released.

There have been little to no news about the upcoming zombie game at all. It could be because the developer is that good in keeping a secret or maybe there is really nothing to reveal as the game is still far from being complete.

Until we hear from the developers, the best thing to do now is to put The Walking Dead at the back of your mind for now.

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