Overkill’s The Walking Dead: 2017 Will Be Another Quiet Year?

After the last announcement about the game being delayed, the Overkill’s The Walking Dead seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. No new date or window was announced and it does not look like we are going to get any more new details from Overkill.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead was supposed to be release in 2016 but the developer later announce that they need more time with the game and had to push it back a little further.

The reason why the game has gotten so much attention was because the ones working on the game are the same people that were behind the PC version of Payday. After doing such a great job with the game, everybody is expecting the same kind of quality from them this time around.

We know that the game will be all about being stealthy and all but what we would like to know now is when the game will be ready. Do you think we will see it this year?

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