One Plus 3T: Pricey Not Always Better

Since premium model usually comes with the latest processor and tech, it is often viewed as being the superior model but the fact is that models like the OnePlus 3T can offer you the same kind of tech and offering but with a smaller price tag.

Soon after releasing the OnePlus 3 smartphone, OnePlus followed that up by releasing the OnePlus 3T model. Th device comes with a faster processor, upgraded camera as well as larger battery. Despite everything that it has to offer, OnePlus still managed to keep the price reasonable.

To own the OnePlus 3T with 64GB, customers will only need to pay about $439, way below what Apple, Samsung, and Google are asking for their top premium model.

The OnePlus 3T will be coming in with a Snapdragon 821 processor with 6GB RAM. If you are looking to get a new premium smartphone without breaking your bank, this is the one you might want to consider. Protection Status