No Man’s Sky Delivers Their Very First Promise, Sort Of

When Hello Games was promoting the games, one of the things that got the fans all hyped up was the huge space battle that the trailer showed. Players were hoping that something as epic as the one seen in the trailer would be in the game but we all know that that did not happen.

Fans have been using that as the biggest evidence that Hello Games had misled them. Now, after being around for months, Hello Games is finally ready to give their fans the massive space battle that they have promised.

According to the patch notes for the latest update, players will be seeing a bigger space battle. That means more space ships and a larger scale of battle but the part where you can chase your enemy from space to a planet and back up again is not going to happen.

The other update includes updating the sound effect of the game as well as fixing some of the bugs and issue that the game had. Protection Status