Nintendo Switch: New York City Is Where You Need To Be

Although talk about the Nintendo Switch has been going on for some time now, the announcement that we all have been waiting for is tomorrow when Nintendo will officially release details like the price, specs and more.

Things will get even better for those living in New York City because Nintendo will be opening up the books for pre-orders. NintendoNYC tweeted that a limited amount of the Nintendo Switch will be available for pre-orders at NintendoNYC. They also added that the pre-orders will be starting on the 13th of January at 9 am.

We do not know when the rest of the world will get to pre-order the new device yet so we will have to wait and see. Some people are hoping that NintendoNYC will accept online pre-orders as well.

The Nintendo Switch announcement event will be stream live on YouTube and Twitch so make sure you don’t miss out. Protection Status