Nintendo Switch Adds Dragon Quest XI To The List

There were already speculations about the game Dragon Quest XI coming to the new Nintendo Switch after Yuki Horii, Dragon Quest creator hinted it but we have not really heard from Nintendo until now.

According to Nintendo, Dragon Quest XI will be release on the new Nintendo Switch but what the fans really wanted to know is if the Switch version is closer to the PS4 version or the Nintendo 3DS version.

We are hoping that we would see the PS4 version on the Nintendo Switch since the Switch is rumored to be a PS4 rival. Another question that was not answered by Nintendo was whether the game will be coming to the US or not.

While the game is big in Japan, it was never offered here in the US. Square Enix did say that they planned to be more open with the franchise but whether they will start being open with Dragon Quest XI is a whole other story.

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