Nintendo NX Buttonless Controllers Origin Exposed

Everybody was shocked when new leaked images of what many believe were the new controller for the upcoming Nintendo console, the Nintendo NX was leaked online. The controller had no buttons which suggested that Nintendo might be working on a touchscreen controller and the fans were not too happy about that.

Luckily, the suppose leaked images were fake. The leaker of the images has now stepped out to clarify that the images were not real. The original images were “leaked” on Reddit by a user that goes by Idriss2Dev.

A Youtuber with the name D 2Dev later posted a video on Youtube admitting that he was the leaker and explained that the images were not real. You can check out the video below. Well, at least now we can sleep better knowing that Nintendo has not lost their mind.

We are expecting Nintendo to announce their new Nintendo NX console this year.

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