Next Pokemon Game: No More Event Legendaries, More Simplification Suggestions

It seems that when the next Pokemon game comes out it isn’t going to have the event legendaries as the game is going to be simplified. But how can it be simplified?

The Pokemon game could have the IVs simplified such as they did in the X and Y version with Super Training. Good IVs would be easier to check without having a calculator or judge that you need to fly to or look up.

Along with this the HMs could be simplified in the new Pokemon game you could perhaps be unable to delete them if you are in a place that you would be trapped in if you didn’t have them.

Other things that could help to make the game easier include breeding being more transparent. It would be good if you were just told the IVs of the Pokemon. Perhaps you could get ability capsules from the battle maison. Perhaps the IVs could completely be done away with, but then it may be too late to remove them now.

It was also suggested that perhaps the EVs and IVs could be combined together and they could become more intuitive? Breeding is tedious and it shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something that you look forward to accomplishing.

It was also said that if event legends were going to be in the new Pokemon game they would have special abilities, but above all else all legendaries should be able to get caught in the game. Gamers should not have to backtrack.

But what would you like to see simplified in the new Pokemon game?


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