Next GTA 5 DLC: Full-out Gang Wars Will Be Making A Comeback?

What can we expect to see in the next GTA 5 DLC? Could full blown gang wars be coming back to the game?

Gang wars were a big part of GTA 5 in San Andreas, so some people have suggested that a gangbanger story may be just the thing for the next GTA 5 DLC. Some people want to see more of Franklin and make the game more about him. However many people believe that any DLC would be more like the original game and it would be switching between the characters again.

A GTA 5 DLC could have the switching of characters but what if you switched between different gangs in Los Santos. Perhaps there could be a misunderstanding between gangs in the region. There could be three DLCs and each had a storyline with a character, that may sell well. However with swapping of characters being a big part of the game, perhaps this wouldn’t happen.

Of course a GTA 5 DLC could bring in more of the alien and UFO stuff that was hinted at in the game. Perhaps mythical beasts and zombies could feature in a DLC. What would you like to see appear in the next DLC ?


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