Next Gen Moto 360 To Make A Square Out Of A Circle?

Last year, when Motorola launched the Moto 360, it created a huge craze worldwide since the smartwatch came out with a spectacular design with steampunk influence. The round clock face certainly appealed to the masses but it didn’t take long before the hype went dead.

This year, things are expected to be different, but equally exciting for Motorola’s next-gen 360. While the tech manufacturer has yet to shed any light on the future wearable, rumours are rife in linking the future Moto 360 to feature a square clock face.

Furthermore, the device is going to come with a boosted screen resolution of 360×360. This will hence make it sharper than the existing Moto 360 that runs at 320x290p resolution.

Of course, details on this are still scarce at the moment so it is best to take it with a pinch of salt. After all, there is a chance for the squared circle smartwatch to be an entirely different device from Motorola.

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