Next Ford Mustang Is Going To Be Electrifying

It looks like even Ford is jumping on the whole electrified vehicle wagon. The automaker reveals their plans for the future including their plans to electrify their vehicles.

According to Ford, they will not only be working on new electric models but they will also release hybrid models of existing models and also work on an autonomous hybrid.

One of the models that will be getting a hybrid powertrain is the Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang Hybrid will be arriving in 2020 and will come with a power that is similar to the V8 engine.

Besides the Ford Mustang, the F-150 will also be getting a hybrid engine and the new hybrid model will also be arriving in 2020. In total, Ford plans to offer 13 new electrified vehicles within the next five years.

They also reveal their plans for wireless charging as they are hoping to find a better way for their customers to charge their car instead of having to plug them in.

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