New Steam Sale Deals More Interesting Than Black Friday

For gamers on the PC platform that relies on Steam, they cannot be bothered with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offerings. After all, none of the deals offered on those days are actually better than Steam’s Exploration-themed Fall sale.

The promotion period is happening now as we speak and it will last for 2 days. Gamers should also note that some of the deals will only last for 24 hours max so it is best to seal the purchase quickly. While we might be clueless on the 24-hours promotional titles, here are some of the best deals for the 48hours promo.

• Watch Dogs — $30
• Civilization: Beyond Earth — $35
• Lords Of The Fallen — $30
• The Stanley Parable — $4.49
• The Wolf Among Us — $8.49
• Dead Island — $5
• The Vanishing of Ethan Carter — $12
• FTL — $3
• Company of Heroes 2 — $10
• The Evil Within — $20.39
• Don’t Starve — $3.74


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