NBA 2K15: Shocked By Your Own Face

2K have been trying to make things a little more interesting with their game by introducing new gameplay and modes. For the NBA 2K15, the developers decided to add in a new Career Mode where players can actually scan their faces and create their own character in the game with their face.

It would be fun to see yourself progress through the game but not when the character in the game looks like a monster. We think the fans would be fine if the character in the game looked a little off. The images we are seeing right now are far from what we would have expected.

Some players even showed images of their character that looked like it has just crawled out from the Last of Us game.

Some players speculated that some of the worst face scans could have been the result of the player intentionally layering a few picture to come out with the ugliest character ever.

Have you tried scanning your face? How did it go?

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