NBA 2K15 Mobile App Launched With Some Treats

2K has already released NBA 2K15 across every platform and it is without a doubt, the best basketball video game in history. Now, 2K has made things more interesting after they launched the NBA 2K15 mobile app that is compatible with the iOS and Android platforms.

The application, however, is not exactly about the game being played on mobile phones. Instead, the NBA 2K15 app is built to be a companion for the players on the console. With it, players can manage their NBA 2K15 careers remotely on their smartphone.

Of course, installing the app won’t go empty handed. 2K also gave out new Locker Codes to players who have installed the NBA 2K15 app. The codes can be applied in the app itself and the rewards will be automatically added in NBA 2K15 on the console.

For those that have yet to learn on the Locker Codes, they are follow:

• PINKARISTOTLE – Unlocks Shaquille O’Neal
• 2KCYBERMONDAY – Rewards 10,000 VC Points


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