NBA 2K15: Locker Codes Are Not Cheating Right?

NBA 2K15 is the latest basketball video game and it is one that does not come with any cheat codes. However, NBA 2K15 does offer Locker Codes which is a platform for players to enjoy various treats and unlocks.

The thing is that some dubbed it to be an exclusive name for cheat codes. Well, we can’t be sure about it since the Locker Codes came from 2K. The game developer tends to roll out new batches of Locker Codes on a consistent basis.

To be more precise, 2K always offer new Locker Codes whenever they launch a fix or an update for NBA 2K15. Just yesterday, 2K rolled out a new fix for NBA 2K15 and it saw new Locker Codes surfacing as well. Hence, it confirms Locker Codes are not cheating.

To make it sweeter for players, we have got the latest Locker Codes right here with us. They are as follow:

– IWATCHEDNBA2KTV – Rewards 1000 VC Points
– PARKSWAG – Rewards 500 VC Points
– HEYGUYS – Unlocks Mystery Gift
– MYSTERY – Unlocks Mystery Gift
– PAYRESPECT – Unlocks ABA Ball Protection Status