Minecraft Xbox 360 TU18 Preparing For The New Year

Minecraft players on the Xbox 360 platform are currently anticipating TU18, which will look to add more new contents into the game. Today, players can get a rough idea on what TU18 has got to offer after 4J Studio released a screenshot of the upcoming update.

There isn’t much detail revealed but the screenshot shows the sky in Minecraft being illuminated by the exploding fireworks. In other words, TU18 will allow players to develop their own fireworks in the game.

4J Studio explained that the fireworks content will be fitting since the 2014 calendar is fast approaching and end and the New Year is only weeks away now.

In addition to that, the game developer shared that the gunpowder will have to mix with a golden nugget if players wish to have a star shaped firework. Also, the amount of gunpowder used will determine the height and size of the fireworks in the game.

On the downside of things, 4J Studio failed to share on when TU18 will be ready for a release. Nevertheless, the players can look forward to playing TU18 on Minecraft before the New Year begins. Otherwise, there won’t be a need for fireworks.


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