Minecraft Update 1.9: You Asked For Substance, You Got It!

Players of Minecraft have been waiting to hear news about the Minecraft update 1.9 and at MineCon 2015 the developers finally spoke up and gave some news.

They revealed the Upcoming Features panel in the Minecraft Update 1.9 and gave us some idea of what to expect. They said that the final boss Ender Dragon is going to be overhauled to make it harder to beat.

Along with this they are making it more rewarding to win the battle and they said that they are working on a brand new dimension and gamers can access it via the new End Gateway. This is going to give gamers a sense of progress when they have taken down the Ender Dragon. Along with this the Minecraft Update 1.9 is going to add in new blocks, mobs and a lot more.

We are expecting to see the Minecraft Update 1.9 add in new items, spells and arrows. These are all going to be part of the new combat system that Mojang are developing. Gamers will be able to coat the arrows in poison and different poisons will have a different effect on the players and creatures in the game.

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