Microsoft’s Window Phone Users Reveals Secret

Some people seems to think that switching to the Windows powered Lumia was the smartest move they have ever made but not everybody is telling the same story.

Some Lumia user went on Reddit to talk about how they finally had enough of the Windows powered device. One Lumia 900 users said that while he did enjoy using the device, things went downhill for him once Microsoft announces that they will not be supporting the device anymore.

Others said that they don’t mind having the Windows powered device but most of them also have a backup smartphone. The reason? They don’t want to feel left out. We know that popular apps generally comes late for the Windows OS so those that are afraid of being left out will get a second Android or iOS phone to make sure they can keep up.

App has always been the main issue for Microsoft. If they can get that right, things should start to look a lot better for them.

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