Microsoft: Windows 10 Users Sold To The Highest Bidder

If you thought that you can be safe from advertisers are long as you stay away from the World Wide Web, you will be wrong because Microsoft is now trying to bring in as many adverts into your PC as they can.

Some people notice that their Windows 10 was getting more and more promoted apps in the past but it looks like Microsoft is vamping it up as users started noticing ads that disguise itself as tips as pop up from the shortcut bar down below.

Microsoft even went so far as to put in apps in the file storage. Of course, there are ways or you to turn some fo them off but that would also affect some of the other features in Windows 10 that we actually need.

Users are beginning to feel like Microsoft is selling them out to the advertisers and they are not too happy about it but at this point, what can they do?

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