Microsoft Lumia Smartphone User Reveals Their Secret

You will often hear how happy some of these Microsoft Lumia smartphone users are with their Windows-powered device but it looks like not everybody is happy that made the switch.

Some Windows phone users went on Reddit to talk about how they had to give up on their Windows-powered Lumia smartphone due to the lack of apps and that it got to a point where it was becoming a real issue.

Other reported that while they love the device and would not mind using it as their primary smartphone, they also needed to have an iOS or Android secondary smartphone just to make sure they don’t get left out.

One user said that she had to give up on her Lumia 900 after Microsoft stop supporting it. Not only was the user stuck with a smartphone that has tons of unfixed bugs but she also added that some of her apps like Zune started disappearing.

Who here has actually given up on their Windows phone? Protection Status