Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Microsoft got a lot of heat when they release the Windows 8 OS. The system was buggy and hard to use and their customers were just not impressed with it. However, Microsoft did manage to turn things around last year with the new Microsoft Windows 10 OS.

While it might looks like things were going to get better for Microsoft now that they got the Windows 10 OS right, it did not. The operating system might be good but there is still the issue about the Microsoft Store not having the important apps. It is not about the store having less app now but it is about Windows users missing out on some of the newer apps.

They were late in getting some of the popular apps like Instagram, Facebook and more. By the time they got it, people were already starting to move to another app.

There is also the boring design that Microsoft have been offering their Lumia smartphone last year. The Microsoft Lumia 950 XL was boring and far from impressive. Where do you think Microsoft should go from here?

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