Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Can’t Catch Up

While hardware and user-friendly software are important, having the right app at the right time is also as important and that seems to be what Microsoft is struggling to get right.

Most app developers would develop apps for the iOS and Android and not many are willing to develop apps for the Windows OS and because of that, the Windows OS users are usually left behind.

Some of the popular apps will eventually make their way to the Windows OS but that is months after the hype is over. Take apps like Instagram for example. Windows OS users were stuck with the beta version for months before the proper apps were released and by the time the app was ready, people have already started moving on to new apps like Snapchat. In fact, their users are still waiting for Snapchat to arrive.

The same thing happens with the Pokemon Go app. While the iOS and Android users were out there catching Pokemon, the Windows OS users are forced to sit and wait for the app to come. The hype for the game has died down significantly now and it would not matter if the app arrives or not but it can be frustrating when you are always behind.

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