Microsoft Lumia 950 Screen Projection Issue

If you have updated your Window 10 to the latest version, you will know that the latest update will allow users to transform their PC into a Miracast Receiver which means they can project their smartphone screen to their PC.

Well, soon after the update, some Microsoft Lumia 950 users reported that they seem to be having issues with connecting the Lumia 950 to the PC. Some said that it is a Windows 10 issue while others blamed the Lumia 950.

Well, it turns out none of them were at fault because the features actually work. The only thing you have to do to make sure it works is that you can use your device as the hotspot source while using the wireless display features.

This user here used his printer as a Wifi hotspot and manage to get the system to work. So if you are having the same problem, you might want to try out this method here.

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