Microsoft Lumia 950 Ruin By Its Design

Most people will think that it was the Windows 10 that ruined it for the Microsoft Lumia 950 but is it really. Although the Windows 10 Phone OS started out pretty shaky, Microsoft manage to get things back under control with a few upgrades and fix.

Most of the issues that people have been having with the Windows 10 OS were addressed soon after it was released. So why did the consumers continue to avoid the Microsoft Lumia 950? Well, it could be because of its design.

It was clear that the Microsoft Lumia 950 design was not the best looking one in the market. It is not ugly but it just does not stand out among the crowd. Maybe if Microsoft took a bit of a risk and came out with something like the concept seen above, things would have been better.

The concept called the Microsoft Lumia 760 concept was design by artist Lucas Silva. Instead of going for the glass and metal design that everybody seems to love right now, the artist decided to give the Lumia 760 Concept a more organic looking design.

Do you think this could have work?

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