Mass Effect Backwards Compatibility Hints On No Remastered Coming

The rumours are rife in indicating that Bioware is going to produce Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered. The remake of the first Mass Effect Trilogy is going to make its debut later this year and it will be built for both the Xbox One and PS4.

However, this doesn’t look like happening at all. A Mass Effect fan had just realized that the first Mass Effect game is actually playable on the latest Xbox One. All users have to do is insert the game’s disc and hit on download button on their console. The Mass Effect game for the Xbox One is exclusive of the DLCs and it does not come with a boosted graphics.

Despite this new discovery, the rumours are still refusing to back down. Now, the word is claiming that Mass Effect Remastered will be made with all the DLCs included and it will still make its debut later this year. Only time will tell if the rumours are right or wrong.

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