Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Be The End Of The Line?

The Mass Effect franchise has a huge following which is why BioWare was not ready to let it go when they were done with the last Trilogy.

The new Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be a continuation of the last game but will come in as a fresh new game. When it was announced, fans thought that the game was going to be the start of a new trilogy but it looks like that is not what the developers have in mind at all.

We know that Bioware has said that the game might not be the start of ta new trilogy. Fans also think that the game might be ending after Chris Schlerf, one of the lead writer for Mass Effect decided to leave BioWare. Creative Director Casey Hudson also left after he was done with the trilogy.

All these people leaving has fans worried that the game is close to the end but in one of the recent interview, Bioware was caught saying that the not all the alien races will be in the first game but they might still appear in the next suggesting that there is more to come in the future. Protection Status