Mass Effect: Andromeda, Start Freeing Your Console Now

If you are looking to download the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda game digitally, you might want to start clearing up some space now because the game will need 42GB of free space.

You will be able to start Pre-loading the game on both consoles. On the Playstation 4, the file size will be 42.9GB while Xbox One’s version will be 42.19GB. Even though the game will only need 42GB of free space, it would be better if you could leave 50GB ready for the game.

We know that most new games come with a day one patch now and we still do not know how big the day one patch will be for the new Mass Effect game. Fans can start pre-loading the game on their console right now while PC players will have to wait a little longer for the preload to go live.

The new Mass Effect: Andromeda game will be arriving on the 21st of March.

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