Mass Effect 4: The Fine Art Of Building The Perfect Arsenal

The Mass Effect series have so many weapons to offer that leaves players wondering on which one they will hang on to. Despite that fact, fans of this highly successful franchise want more in the upcoming Mass Effect 4 game.

Creating a great weapon for the Mass Effect universe has no limits to it. The game’s lead combat designer, Corey Gaspur, revealed that weapons are first discussed before having a unanimous decision.

Most of the times, the ideas for weapons are ridiculous but it works like wonders. One example is the shotgun with pitchfork. If the shotgun is equipped with a three-pronged bayonet and an Omni-tool, it will definitely work like wonders.

Corey also revealed that the weapons are also used to identify a faction. Like the Ceberus faction, they are often equipped with a high tech, clean and streamlined weapon. Corey added that each faction has a coherent team.

With new factions coming into Mass Effect 4, there is certainly an excitement on the new weapons coming into the game as well.

At the moment, Mass Effect 4 is currently in development and at this pace, it won’t be long until the game gets distributed to the public.

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