Marvel: Avengers Alliance Still Has A Future

Disney has been making some questionable decision when it comes to some of their games although we could see why they wanted to kill off the Marvel: Avengers Alliance game and its sequel.

Unlike the first game, the sequel did not perform at all and it made sense that Disney would want to cancel it off so that they can focus on something better. However, some fans believe that Disney will not be giving up on having a Marvel: Avengers game right now with it being so popular.

There were speculation that the cancellation of the games was because Disney wanted to start fresh and try again. We are not opposed to the idea but since this is just a rumor right now, it is best to take it with a pinch of salt first.

Fans were furious with Disney when they canceled off the Disney Infiniti game. The game still had a huge following when Disney made the decision and some of them are still hoping that Disney would one day bring the game back. Protection Status