Marvel: Avengers Alliance Kick Out To Make Way For New Avenger Game

With Avengers being so popular right now, we are sure that Disney would want to squeeze every penny they can out of it. If that is the case, why did they decided to kill it off?

Disney announces that they will be killing off the Marvel: Avengers Alliance and its sequel. Their main reason for doing so is because they think the sequel is not doing as well as they wanted it to. They were hoping the sequel would have the same success as the first Marvel: Avengers Alliance game but it did not.

Now that the game is getting cut out of the picture, will we be seeing a new Avengers game coming from Disney? It would be weird for Disney to not cash in on its popularity now.

While people were surprised by the news, the announcement was nowhere near as shocking as when Disney decision to kill off Disney Infinity. The game already had a huge following so it did not make sense for Disney to kill it off but they did.

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