Marvel: Avengers Alliance Cancellation Not The End

Gaming fans have not been too happy with Disney as they have been making some pretty odd decision when it comes to some of their games. The fans were furious when they decided to ax the popular Disney Infiniti game and canceling the Marvel: Avengers Alliance and its sequel did not help as well.

To be fair, we know that the game was going to get canceled eventually. While the first game did pretty well, they just could not replicate the success with the sequel.

According to Disney, they wanted to ax the game so that they can spend their time and resources on something better. They did not say what the something better is but some fans are saying that it is just going to be a new Marvel: Avengers Alliance game.

With Avengers being such a big thing right now, we could see why the fans think that is what going to happen but other think that Disney might be trying to step away from making their own games and focus only on licensing in the future.

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