MacBook Pro vs Lenovo ThinkPad W530: Super Laptops

Late last year, Apple released the 15” MacBook Pro with Retina and it is truly a great laptop to own. However, will it be able to outwit the much older Lenovo ThinkPad W530?

In terms of display, both laptops are about 15” in size. To be more specific, the MacBook Pro has a 15.4” screen whereas the W530 has a 15.6” screen. The former recorded 221ppi on its display whereas the latter recorded 141ppi only.

Under the hood, both devices run on the same Intel i7 processor. In spite of that, the MacBook is slightly faster as it has Turbo Boost and a larger 6MB cache. Even on RAM, the MacBook is equipped with an 8GB card. This is twice more than what is on the W530.

Even with such a powerful processor, the MacBook is never a good device for gaming. This is where the W530 triumph as it has an 2GB VRAM NVIDIA graphics card.

Another thing to consider is the price. While the MacBook might be faster on normal use, it cost a whopping $1999. The W530 only cost $1299 and yet, it has more to offer to its users. In our book, this is enough to announce the Lenovo ThinkPad W530 as the better laptop.

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