MacBook Air 11-inch Review: Not A Clever Buy

The Apple MacBook Air has never failed to record great sales as it offers consumers the ultimate laptop experience while also being super-slim and light. Well, that was the case until last month when Apple launched the all-new 11” MacBook Air.

Apparently, this particular model is simply poor with its offering that it is better to not even think about purchasing it. Despite being adequately sized, the 11” display runs on low resolution and poor colour balance. When viewing the screen at different angles, the colour tends to change.

Also, the laptop is a massive disappointment as it lacks tons of standard features from today. It seems that there are no HDMI ports, microphone jack and memory card slot for the MacBook Air 11”. Then again, it is understood that the structure of the 11” MacBook Pro has a small structure, thus, making it unable to carry all the above features.

This is unfortunate as HDMI ports are commonly used on work when the user is required to perform a presentation. With the lack of platforms on wireless connectivity, users will definitely struggle if they settle for the 11” Apple MacBook Pro.

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