LG V20: It’s In The Genes

We all thought that the boot looping issue that the LG G4 had would not exist on the other LG smartphones after the G4 but we were wrong. The LG V10, the Nexus 5X as well as the LG G5 all came with the same issue.

LG seems to be struggling to find a way to stop their device from boot looping. This has led to many LG fans wondering if the same issue will exist on the upcoming LG V20 or not.

We know that LG has finally revealed the root of the problem when the boot looping issue on the LG Nexus 5X was bought up but whether or not that means that the LG V20 will not come with the same issue is a whole other issue.

This has also been one of the reasons why some people are still afraid of pre-ordering an LG V20 right now. Some of them are waiting for people to use the phone was a period of time and see if the problem pops up before they decided to go for it or not.


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