LG V10 Chosen Over Apple iPhone 6S?

Will you trade in your new LG V10 smartphone for an iPhone 6S? That is the question one LG V10 user had. The question was posted on Android Central and guess what the majority of the people said?

With some of the issues the LG V10 users have been facing recently, you would think that they would trade the phone in for an iPhone 6S in a heartbeat but surprisingly, a lot of them commented that they are not willing to make the trade.

With the openness that Android has to offer and the MicroSD slot that the LG V10 comes with, a lot of users commented that they are not willing to part with those benefits. Then there is the removable battery which means the phone can last a lot longer without a plug.

Of course, they are some users that would not mind making the trade. You can check out the thread here. Will you make the switch?

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