LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: The Real Speed Demons

The phones of today are becoming increasingly faster but which handsets are the most reliable and offer the best performance. Typically any handset of Samsung is good as they have offered the fastest speeds when it comes to LTE. Now it is looking like along with the Samsung Galaxy S6 the other speed demon is the LG G4.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 arrived with a change in the design from the usual plastic to metal and glass and this meant that the antenna had to be changed. So how does the S6 compare against the LG G4?

One issue that the majority of LTE networks have is that Voice over LTE isn’t supported and this means that the devices have to go to 3G when making a call if they are connected to an LTE connection. This can often result in calls being dropped. The switch rate of the Samsung Galaxy S6 was surprising as the older handsets used to switch faster, while the LG G4 performed well.

When it came to the antenna strength the results surprised us again when it came to the Samsung Galaxy S6 as more often than not it didn’t connect to LTE. The LG G4 on the other hand once again performed very well and the network antenna was strong.

The LTE speed test happened to be the most interesting with the LG G4 being better than the G3 but the Samsung Galaxy S6 being slower than both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The S6 was also limited to Cat 4 and this meant the maximum download speeds came in at 150Mbps.

All in all the Samsung Galaxy S6 came in second place with the LG G4 beating it all the way. It seems that while the glass and metal design did wonders for the design of the handset, it didn’t do the antenna any favours.

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