LG G4 Now Available For Pre-Order, Only In South Korea

It is no secret that LG is currently developing the G4 and the smartphone is expected to get released before June. Here in the US, LG has yet to give a status update on the G4 but over in South Korea, the upcoming device is already becoming a huge buzz.

As a matter of fact, carriers and retailers in LG’s home nation are already beginning to take pre-orders for the device. If you are to check out this link, you will see the G4’s pre-order posters found all over in South Korea.

The poster basically reads that the G4 is going to make its debut on April 29 and consumers can already make their pre-order today. There is even the price of the G4 quoted there and when converted to USD, the smartphone comes with a price tag of $730.

Of course, we are positive that the G4 will be priced differently here in the US. We are now waiting for LG to make the necessary announcement involving the G4 for the US and will update her accordingly.


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