LG G Flex 3: Not The End?

When we saw that LG only had the new LG V20 to show off at IFA this year, we automatically assume that LG has given up on the Flex series and has decided to focus their effort on the LG G series and the LG V series but some fans are not giving up.

We could see why LG would want to kill off the LG G Flex series after the disappointing LG G Flex 2. While the smartphone was very well received when it was first released, the fans were not too happy when LG decided to shrink the size of the display last year.

Poor sales and negative feedbacks might be the main reason why we did not see a new successor this year. However, some people believe that LG is still working on one and that we might see the LG G Flex 3 announced at CES next year.

How many of you are still hoping to see the Flex 3?

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