LG G Flex 3 Not Given A Proper Farewell

Most fans would be happy if LG just created a new smartphone with a curved screen that resembles the Flex series and called it something else instead of just letting the smartphone fade into the dark.

While the last LG G Flex 2 did not do that well, a lot of fans were actually looking forward to seeing what LG will be offering this time around. One of the reasons why the last model was not popular was because LG decided to change the display screen size and the fans were not happy about that.

Some people were hoping that LG was going to show it off at CES this year but we all know that that did not happen. All LG seems to be talking about now is the upcoming LG G6 and it does not look like the G Flex 3 is going to be part of their plan this year.

Let’s hope that they will decide to bring it back in the near future.

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