LG G Flex 3: Missing In Action

We were all looking forward to seeing the LG G Flex 3 this year. It was speculated that LG might announce it before the end of this year before releasing it next year but so far, there have been no indication that one is about to be announced.

It is believed that the LG G Flex 3 will be announced before the LG G6. If that is the case, where is it now? Some poeple think that LG might have ditched it to focus on the V20 and the upcoming G6 but others think that it is still going to happen.

It is said that the new LG G Flex 3 will be coming in with a metal body, fingerprint scanner as well as a larger display. The last upgrade is important as a lot of people were not too happy when LG gave the LG G Flex 2 a smaller display.

Do you think the LG G Flex 3 is still going to happen?

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