LG G Flex 3: Did LG Mess This Up As Well?

Some fans were not too pleased with some of the upgrade that LG did to the LG G Flex 2 and that was probably the reason why the LG G Flex 2 failed to archive the same kind of success that the LG G Flex had.

Well, if you think that LG could not mess it up more, you are wrong. The fans were even furious with them when LG decided not to offer the LG G Flex 3 last year. Despite the poor response, the fans were still looking forward to the LG G Flex 3 and the fact that LG has decided not to offer was disappointing for many of the fans.

LG have no made any official announcement about the Flex series yet and some fans are hoping that they are just taking a short break from the device but at this point, we believe that LG wants to focus on the LG G6 and new V Series for now.

There was talk about LG possibly release a foldable device this year so that might be the new Flex replacement.

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