Lexus ES Favored Over GS, S Future Uncertain

If you were to look at the Lexus lineup right now, the ES is the odd one but new reports are now suggesting that Lexus might be looking to dropped the GS sedan instead of the ES. Is Lexus making a mistake?

It is easy to see why Lexus would do it. Despite the ES position in their lineup, the ES is selling way better that the GS model so it does make sense that they would choose the ES over the GS.

However, with the Lexus GS being around for so many years, we cannot imagine Lexus without it. Some fans think that the best solution right now would be to merge both the ES and GS together so that their consumers can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Do you think Lexus is making a mistake here? Of course, this is just a rumor so that it with a pinch of salt

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